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Electric Mustang Adventure : E-Venture Charging Saga

This holiday season I took a trip to Tucson, AZ I opted for a mystery vehicle offered through Budget car rentals. It set the stage for many unexpected electrifying jolts (pun intended), on a journey with the sleek and modern Mustang Mach-E. Little did I know, this impulsive decision would transform my festive plans into a rollercoaster of challenges, navigating the twists and turns of electric   road-tripping. I'm handed the keys to the Mustang Mach E, feeling like I've outsmarted the system, and made the best financial decision. The allure of cruising through the desert landscapes between Tucson and Phoenix was going to be smooth. I envisioned all heads turning while I soared past them with ease. The allure of cruising through the desert landscapes between Tucson and Phoenix without the $50 fill ups started with a simple twist of the key – or rather, the press of a button.

It was around 11:45 PM as I hit the highway, reveling in the Mach E's nimble maneuverability and sleek design . The great stereo system added to the overall enjoyment, creating a lively atmosphere filled with music and good vibes. The Mach-E comes equipped with Ford's SYNC 4A infotainment system, featuring a large touchscreen display. It supports smartphone integration, navigation, and various entertainment options.

 However, the honeymoon phase took a nosedive. I couldn't help but notice the rapid depletion of my battery life as the mileage plummeted from 225 to 150 within 20 minutes. With 76 miles left and 55 to my destination. What started as a comfortable 226 miles at 83% quickly dwindled as I sped along the I-10. Panic set in as I realized I might not make it to my destination with the remaining 76 miles. It seemingly had an insatiable appetite for battery power. Why was my Mustang Mach E losing power faster than I could say "Double Double Animal style."?, Outside temperature?, Elevation? I needed answers, and I needed them fast.

Deciding it was time to charge, I encountered a series of comically frustrating situations – from locked charging boxes in Dairy Queen parking lots to gated neighborhoods. The simple act of looking  for a charging station turned into a real-life puzzle, and the clock was ticking. After a failed attempt at a downtown Phoenix side street charger, I stumbled upon a supercharger nestled in a random office building parking lot. Victory seemed imminent. This was just the beginning of my week-long saga of waking up early to charge the car, constantly scouring my phone for charging stations, and batting range anxiety. The Mach E, while manageable in city traffic and local town rides, my phone transformed into a digital map, guiding me through a charging station excursion for my Mustang Mach-E on a daily basis.

 Throughout the week with the Mach E, I discovered some silver linings—the smooth ride, consistent power delivery, and the joy of jamming out with friends and family to the great stereo system. Admiration from friends and family for my eco-friendly choice and the entertainment from my iPad screen during charging pit stops. It's fascinating how the shared experience of electric vehicle charging stations creates a unique camaraderie among fellow drivers. Waiting at chargers becomes not just a necessity but an opportunity for connection, turning mundane stops into memorable moments. The electric car community, with its friendly, inviting, and personable atmosphere, turns charging breaks into social hubs.Fellow EV drivers become instant comrades, sharing stories, tips, and a mutual understanding of the quirks and perks of electric vehicles


After a  week of early morning charging rituals, constant phone-checking for nearby charging stations, and relentless range anxiety convinced me that the Mach E was more holiday headache than holiday joy. Each charging trip cost an average of $30, and the highway inefficiency made me long for the simplicity of a ram truck. In the end, I bid farewell to the electric Mustang, vowing to check back in 2025 when Ford and Tesla might be sharing a charging platform. Until then, it's back to the drawing board for the perfect  electric road trip vehicle – one that won't leave me anxiously checking the battery gauge on the open highway.

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William Taylor
William Taylor
05 ene

Thank for this informative description of your experience with the Mustang E car. I am wondering if your constant charging headache was due to the Mustang or just a problem all electric cars possess. I’ll be sure to be careful of that when I buy my first E car.

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